It is a BIG WORLD out there and everybody need help. Do you know that every 2 seconds, someone someware is in need of blood? A life�s pace is increased, so does the rate of accident. Accordindg to the statistics of BBC 2005, one person dies every six minutes and 10 are injured in the same time frame. Non availability of blood is the major cause to death. Why is that there is shortage of blood?

A) Unawareness among people.
b) Non availability of blood in the blood bank.
This is where we intervene and help YOU to be become a life saver�

Blood banking has become a very complicated business. You and I are some people who can help make the blood donation as strong as we are. Ours a not-for-profit, charitable organization where you can register free to have your blood donated.
When a person is willing to donate his blood, he needs to register in this site along with his address, area phone numbers. During crisis in and around your area, the person who need blood will be able to contact you after having searched the site. This helps the time in acquiring blood, and the speed at which the blood is available helps save the patients life. Are you ready to be the one who wipes out tears from a mother�, father�s, husbend�s, wife�s or neighbor�s eyes?

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