WBB and how to join it      
  World Blood Bank is a charitable, service motivated organization. It aims at co-operating persons who are willing to donate their blood and making the list of persons freely available to the people who need blood.

Anyone who satisfies the conditions to be a donor can join ‘World Blood Bank.’ He must be willing to donate blood. He cannot ‘sell’ blood. He must consider this as a social obligation and sacred duty. There is no taboo in donating blood. Firms, institutions, church organizations, groups, can join in this noble venture. The names of such organizations will be incorporated into the list of donors and the names of individual members also will be displayed under the names of their respective unions or groups. One can become the member of WBB by filling in the form Register.



  What World Blood Bank Guarantees   Rewards or Benefaction  
  ‘World Blood Bank' guarantees its members utmost secrecy. Their names, E-mail ids and phone numbers will not be disclosed to anyone without their knowledge and consent.  

There will be no prize or money or reward paid to the donor. This is purely a voluntary affair. The mental satisfaction and happiness that you have saved a life or you did a good thing for a fellow being of yours is the ultimate reward.

The donor will be privileged to become a member of ‘Life Savers Club' and a certificate stating the membership details of and blood donation will be issued to the donor after verifying the facts of donation of blood. The donor has to report the details of the blood donation to the ‘World Blood Bank'.

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